Thursday, February 7, 2019

Something Amazing...WOW

San Filipe is experiencing a "super bloom." A super bloom is a colloquial term used to define an explosion of wildflowers that exceeds typical spring blooms, and it is not even spring yet! The desert, which is typically bare of flowers, has come alive with vibrant greenery, poppies, primroses, lilies and the sand verbena. It takes a perfect combination of rain, temperature, and sunshine to bring out those carpets of blossoms. The desert has really come alive....It may decades before one would see this kind of "Super Bloom" again
The Seeds are a lot more resistant to long periods of drought because they have an ultra slow metabolism, so don’t require water. The dry conditions in deserts prevent rotting, so the seeds may remain in the soil for many years, making the magical, almost unbelievable colours that we saw .
Photo shoot taken in the "Land of Giants" San Filipe. 
At sunset, the golden light completely changed the landscape and flower colours. WOW

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Mark has "gathered" his supper tonight!

Such a beautiful collection of shapes and colours

This is all ready to steam and eat.  WOW

He is quite pleased to say the least!

and...... maybe even a bit brave!  LOL